I cannot be fixed.

I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart.
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I’ll marry a man who knows how I take my tea, coffee, and alcohol
And knows when to make which.

All I wanted was to receive the love I gave.
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Always a Rule #1.

“Why does a man run from a situation like this one? He runs because the woman’s behavior doesn’t suggest that she places a high value on herself. The relationship is new, and the bond between them is relatively shalow. Yet she’s already dealt him her best card. The fact that she is wiling to overcompensate to a virtual stranger immediately suggests one of two things. He’l either assume she is desperate, or he’l assume she is wiling to sleep with al men right away. Or both. What gets lost is his appreciation for her extra effort. Once a man begins to lose respect for a woman because she is wiling to subtly devalue herself, he wil also lose the desire to get closer to her. Nightie or no nightie.”

Excerpt From: Argov, Sherry. “Why Men Love Bitches.” ePub Bud (, 2011-12-17. iBooks.
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